Company profile

   Shanghai Wildmood Network Technology Co, Ltd was officially founded in May 2013 in Shanghai.    
   The creative design of the company’s all products are mainly from the cooperation and research team of the Taiwan classic bi-sexual appeal brand Super Eagle. The company has the brand OMYSKY Privately Enjoying the fun, it inherits the experiences of product development and quality control in the past more than 20 years, thus the integrity and responsible attitude value of the brand has been formed. We adhere to the beautiful design, exquisite workmanship and higer cost performance, so that every user can enjoy the sexual experience and unforgettable sensory stimulation.
   The company always combines technology and fashion, and integrates exquisite manufacturing and the craftsman's mood, so that users can better stimulate their lust, beautiful sense and the pleasure experience and they will have more happiness, confidence, sexuality and beauty.
   We firmly believe a society full with warmness and loving hearts is likely to accept the knowledge and good will and understand the tolerance and dedication. At the same time, we are looking forward to caring the world with all people who are mind-liked.


      公司所有产品的设计创意主要来自于台湾经典两性情趣品牌Super Eagle的合作研发团队,公司现有品牌“OMYSKY • 私享玩趣”传承了其二十多年来一贯的产品开发与品控经验,也由此形成了品牌严谨、负责、有态度的价值观。我们坚持以唯美的设计、精湛的工艺和更高的性价比,让每一位使用者都能拥享性福而难忘的感官享受。